4 Ways to Boost Your CV if You Didn't Get an Internship

Many students cast their lot in landing a summer internship. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. One internship can rack up to hundreds of applicants – it’s a fierce competition. So, don’t be disheartened; it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t secure that internship for the summer.

No internship? No problem. Here are four different ways to have a rewarding summer and set yourself up for success in the future.  


1. Volunteer Work

There is more to volunteer work than just putting food in the pantry, washing dishes; or cleaning an animal shelter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, while those are fantastic ways to make use of your time, there are different ways to volunteer and build your career. Now, since it’s volunteer work, there is no denying you are doing work for free.

Doing volunteer work not only shows how a compassionate and helpful person you are, but it will give your future interviewers a heads up that you have a good work ethic.

So if you like to expand your horizons through volunteer work, you can visit these sites: Kiwis For Kiwi, Volunteering New ZealandDo Good Jobs, and Red Cross New Zealand.


2. Networking Events

Networking events are perfect for meeting and connecting with professionals. It’s super easy to find a free networking event. Once you decide to attend, look presentable and be ready to sell yourself! In moments like these, be memorable. Also, be mindful of your body language – in the first 7 seconds of meeting new people, they check you out visually.

Ready to meet new people, then look no further, Here are sites where you can search for free networking events in your area: Eventbrite and Meetup.


3. Online Courses

Extra time = more time to UPSKILL!

That’s right! Online courses can help you learn new skills and more and more people are doing this now. There are plenty of free online courses you can search from and what’s great is you can also use this to improve your CV.

Doing an online course demonstrates dedication and discipline, qualities that you will need once you are in the workforce.

Before you jump into the online learning wagon, it’s essential to consider what you will be learning. Here are sites that can help you with that: CourseraUdemyKhan Academy and many more.


4. Part-Time Jobs

Just because you didn’t get that internship in this specific company doesn’t mean you’ll give up that easily. Consider applying for a part-time job.

Getting a part-time job gives you the skills that are transferable such as teamwork, time management, leadership and many more. Most of the times, getting a part-time job isn’t directly related to what you want to do; the key is to focus on new skills and use them to highlight your cv.

What’s excellent about part-time jobs is that it gives you stories to share in future job interviews.

You can find part-time and entry-level jobs on NxtStep. You can check out our website or visit our social channels.



- Axel Rose Estacio, Digital Marketing Specialist - NxtStep