Apprentice Technician with Toyota New Zealand

Apprentice Technician
As a third-year apprentice technician at Wellington's "Rutherford and Bond Toyota", Logan Drysdale is doing what he loves, not by chance but through hard work and a goal to build a career around his passion. Logan attributes his impressive rise through the Toyota New Zealand apprenticeship scheme down to a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to deliver on each of Toyota's core beliefs.

Taking initiative
After graduating from Wellington's "Aotea College" with NCEA Level 2, Logan set his sights on achieving a new goal - a role in the automotive industry. As a car enthusiast, with lifelong ambitions to take his home modified and finely tuned performance vehicle from racing at the local drifting tracks to the professional arena, Logan dreamt of a job where he could live out his passion for cars.

After completing a pre-trade course with Metro Ford in Porirua as part of the Gateway Programme in Year 12, followed by a short course at Whitireia Polytech, Logan began volunteering at a family friend's workshop.

"I wanted to make sure I was always learning and adding to my CV. The pre-trade courses and some of the practical knowledge I gained from putting the hours at the workshop is what I believe, gave me an edge over other job seekers."

The dedication to learning soon paid off, culminating in an apprenticeship at the workshop in Year 12.

Keen to further his career in a larger organization, Logan took the initiative, along with his CV, and headed into Rutherford and Bond Toyota. The dealership happened to be looking for a new car groomer and Logan was asked to start the following Monday. Logan was more than familiar with the Toyota brand and the product, himself owning a Toyota Caldina.

After six months, Logan successfully applied for the role of wheel alignment technician in the workshop and immediately shared his desire to progress in the business.

"I was told that the apprentice role would take commitment, work ethic, and the right attitude and that I would need to prove each of these to be considered."

Within two months, Logan was accepted into an apprentice role with the company. Now, with less than 12 months to go, Logan has his sights firmly set on gaining his WOF license.

Good things take time
"In the workshop we take a lot of pride in fixing, servicing and checking every part of every car, making sure we've gone the extra mile for customers. It's a great feeling and a big part of what motivates me."

As a third-year apprentice, he has continually developed his skills and knowledge through on-the-job experience, theoretical learning, courses, and assessments through the 'NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation' (MITO), and technical training at Toyota New Zealand HQ in Palmerston North.

With so many goals already achieved what does Logan see in his future? "Hopefully a role in management somewhere within the Toyota family. And then who knows, maybe that professional racing career?"