Cheaping out in Palmerston North


Uni can be pretty stressful at times, but no matter how busy you are, it’s always beneficial to get out of the library, give your eyes a break from your computer screen and do something active. Te Apiti is a 12-minute drive from the city, a 2-hour walk that will rejuvenate your soul. If an 11.2km walk isn’t really your thing, there is also a 4km loop that’ll give you all the same benefits but in a shorter time! Native bush, great lookouts and you’ll come face to face with Whatonga, the ancient warrior who guards the forest. Get your fitspo on, take a healthy break and of course don’t forget to stop for a milkshake at the Bridge Café on your way out!



If Art is more your thing, head down to The Square, grab your free Palmerston North Arts Trail Guide at the i-SITE and get cultured exploring the intricate sculptures, carvings, memorials (and of course the FMG cow) that decorate our beautiful city. This is the perfect day or night activity, and not a bad date idea either!



Channel you’re inner Harry Potter and give the giant chess down at The Square, near the Butterfly Lakelet on the south-western corner. Not only is chess a great game to test out your logic skills, determine who the real flat champion is without the risk of someone throwing a controller at the FIFA screen. The Square is also surrounded by café’s and bars so it’s the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the sun.



Running from March to July this year, the night markets are always a go to! Situated in an underground carpark, this is an all-weather event that is always buzzing, with hundreds of people attending every Saturday night. As a student, the biggest appeal is definitely the food! The markets have all your old favorites like Thai and Chinese, but there are also a lot of rare delicacies on offer from regions all around the world if you feel like being adventurous! Admission is free, and I’d take some cash with you to make purchasing easier and help you stick to your budget! The only decision you’ll need to make when you get there - where do you start?! (but finish with churros, always finish with churros).



Could I really get through a blog on the top things to do in Palmy without recommending a Turbos game? Probably not. The 2018 ITM season kicks off in August, and even if you aren’t a massive rugby fan the experience and atmosphere is definitely not one you want to miss. Student tickets will be available for home games, and the only other requirement is that you head down to your local hardware store and spend 98c* on a green bucket to which you cut out a slit to see and wear it on your head. Trust me, it’s a requirement!

*Snag price not included


- Tayla Court, Auckland, New Zealand