I am constantly surrounded by inspirational, innovative, resilient, and hard-working people

After studying her Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and Postgraduate Diploma at Massey University in Palmerston North, Joanna Vattiprolu stayed in town to live and work. She now heads the parts supply and operations team at Toyota’s head office. 

We asked her a few questions about why she loves living and working in Palmerston North.

Joanna Vattiprolu loves how the people of Palmerston North are filled with grit and perserverence

Was it the job or the city that drew you to Palmerston North?
The people of Palmerston North are what drew me to it. I am constantly surrounded by inspirational, innovative, resilient, and hard-working people. Palmerston North seems to breed and attract people who are always up for a challenge and who are finding ways to disrupt business norms. Toyota is filled with these people and it’s exciting to be part of a business that is continuously pushing the boundaries of normal. The people of Palmerston North are filled with grit and perseverance.
What is unique to Palmerston North?
Palmerston North has a lot to offer, great job opportunities, affordable housing, great schooling, and vibrant people. There are some great communities to get involved with who support those in need and lend practical helping hands. I’ve never felt so connected to a community as I have in Palmerston North.
What do you like about working for Toyota? 
I love working for Toyota. As a company, they are continually looking for ways to improve and are leading the way in innovation. Toyota New Zealand recently changed the way they do business to provide exceptional service and transparency to the customer. It’s this focus on customers and respect for people that makes me proud to work at Toyota.

How do you find the social scene in Palmerston North, is there plenty to do in your time off?
My nights are full of dinner parties, Vision community events, mentoring and café hopping with friends. The people of Vision Church in Palmerston North have been incredibly welcoming. It’s great being surrounded by people who are encouraging and real with you.
Finally, do you find your professional needs are satisfied in Palmerston North in terms of a good pool of contacts, colleagues, mentors and the like?
There is plenty of opportunities to network in Palmerston North. You can join the University Alumni, Young Professionals Network and get involved in all the sports, church and hobby communities around the city. I have kept my connection to Massey University and attend networking events for their Business Internship Programme. I meet at least five new people each week from all different backgrounds and levels of experience. There are so many different perspectives and a great diversity of thought to learn from.