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About Habit Group

New Zealand’s largest integrated health, fitness and rehabilitation group

The Habit began in 2003 as a single health, fitness and rehabilitation centre in central Wellington’s Johnston Street. Today Habit Group has become a market leader, integrating health and fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology and occupational health services. Habit Group provides a wraparound care model at over 130 sites. This unique approach is one of the reasons why Habit facilities have won multiple industry awards since their inception.

Our focus areas

Workplace Health
An unhealthy workforce is an unproductive one. It’s is essential to do everything you can in your workplace to keep staff in top form. The services offered by our occupational health services can help reduce sick days and improve output.

Habit Group clinics, e.g. Habit Rehabilitation and Southern Rehab, offer a comprehensive range of services guide patients through recovery and injury-prevention programmes. We also offer comprehensive pain management and concussion services from expertly-trained physiotherapists and psychologists.

Health and Wellness
The baseline of health – food and exercise – is what Habit Health Clubs (Auckland and Wellington only) are all about. Members can work out with support or independently using the weights circuits, in group fitness classes or with a personal trainer. On-site nutrition, physiotherapy and psychology services make the fitness clubs 360° health centres.