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The Kraft Heinz story

As the name suggests, the Kraft Heinz Company came into being following the merger of Kraft Foods Group and Heinz in 2015. Kraft was founded by a Canadian American cheese seller called James L. Kraft in 1903. By the time of the merger, it was a giant American food manufacturing and processing conglomerate headquartered in Chicago. Its products were sold in over 170 countries.

Heinz was founded by Pennsylvanian entrepreneur Henry J. Heinz in 1869. By the time of the merger it was, like Kraft, a behemoth, manufacturing food products on six continents and selling its famous brands – Golden Circle, Greenseas, Heinz, HP Sauce and Weight Watchers – across 200 countries. The merger resulted in a food industry leviathan with a commanding grip on the beverage, convenience food, dairy food and snack food industries.

Today, Kraft Heinz are one of the largest global food and beverage companies, with a portfolio that is a diverse mix of iconic and emerging brands. In 2019 we generated $25bn in net sales and have offices and sites based in over 40 countries. As the guardians of over 200 brands and the creators of innovative products, we're dedicated to the sustainable health of our people and our planet.

The culture

We're committed to making life delicious for our people, our consumers, and our communities worldwide. Being one of the world's leading food and beverage companies is a privilege and a huge responsibility. We walk in our purpose by living our values, which make up our common language, define our shared culture, and reflect the company we're working to become each day.

Kraft Heinz hold themselves accountable. Employees act as owners each day, showing commitment and believe in the cause, making decisions and treating the business as if it were their own. They take responsibility for actions and results, in pursuit of building something together far bigger than them individually. They’re not a suit and tie organization and rely on employees being truly consumer obsessed to ensure great products reach their tables. To get an inside peek into the culture at Kraft Heinz, read the ‘Day in the life of’ article here.

If you’re a go-getter with an ownership mentality, ready for a fast-paced challenge you should find the Kraft Heinz culture exciting to be part of.

Social contribution

One of the Kraft Heinz core values is ‘We Do the Right Thing’. This applies to every decision made and the environmental and social responsibilities that they hold as one of the largest food and beverages manufacturing companies.

Their Vision: To Sustainably Grow by Delighting More Consumers Globally, ensures that they are committed to responsible, sustainable practices extending to every facet of our business. The Kraft Heinz ESG (environmental & social governance) strategy prioritizes the issues that matter most to the company’s business and stakeholders, focusing on areas that have the greatest impact.

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Healthy Living & community support
  • To read the full 2020 Global ESG Report, download here.

It highlights the commitment to transparency and provides detail for stakeholders, consumers and customers on progress to date against their ESG Commitments. .

From the Employer:

Our purpose is to Make Life Delicious.

We walk in our Purpose by living our Values. These six core beliefs bring our Purpose to life. They make up our common language, define our shared culture – and reflect the Company we're working to become each day.

Each of our six Values start with WE – a commitment our people make to each other and to consumers around the world. Being one of the world's leading food and beverage companies is a privilege – and a huge responsibility. Times and tastes may change, but the core Values that shape who we are never will.

Our Talent gets BIG Opportunities - We believe in taking chances on those that deliver results.

Our people are our sustainable advantage, and this is a culture that encourages growth for anyone that delivers! Whatever your role, wherever in the world, the opportunity is there to do something special and be part of something big! We have openings across various functions within our business; Supply Chain, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Quality, Research and Development, Legal and Audit.

We offer a 12-month fast track program, placing our graduates into a role that will provide them with exposure to all business functions. Graduates are immersed in real jobs with measurable KPIs and business targets. We provide an intensive, challenging and rewarding experience that will set our graduates up for a high-profile career.

If you share a passion for our company & culture and have drive and determination to succeed in a dynamic industry, this is the graduate program for you.